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All is quiet [Mar. 26th, 2007|11:49 am]
Clan B. A. M. F.


[Current Location |The Lost City]

It's amazing how much a change in one's life can affect everything. I've been slacking a lot on my 'scape time, but I am still getting in several hours a week.

I'm still in the middle of making nats so I can alch the last round of magic longbows, and I'm getting close to halfway done with that, but then I have to mine ess again before going and making another batch. I will get to 99 woodcutting, honestly.

I'm almost ready to start doing some heavy smithing too (I have tons of coal.) just have to work out what my best option is for xp, seriously thinking changing my cooking gaunlets to crafting and smelt a ton of gold bars. But that'll be after woodcutting and getting 99 firemaking. I want skill capes with trim :)

And I also want to get back to combat training, and mage training and gather Tokkul so I can buy an onyx. Too many things to do, and now even less time to do it in :)

What's everyone else up to?