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update [Apr. 21st, 2007|01:48 am]
Clan B. A. M. F.


[Current Location |Yanille and Rune Essence]
[music |Rune Essence]

....yah i definently crapped out on the agility thing, like i always do.  I super fail at sticking with that. I should just save all lamps i get and put them towards agility. lol

So right now my plan/fantasty/thing to distract me at the moment is mining pure ess with the obvious plan to reach 99 rcing until i get distracted by another skill like i always do.

I have been mining then going to world 66 and being a law crafter. It's nice to be on the crafting side of the free law run. I get still get excited every time i don the robes

I joined a facebook group for girls over 20 that play runescape and one of them messeged me today she seems interested in joining the clan.

So about events anyone have any ideas? Do we mind if we check out what websites like tip it and HQ have done and make it fit us? or do we want fresh ideas?