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For the Honor of GreySkull...Clan Wars Sunday... [Jan. 7th, 2008|09:00 pm]
Clan B. A. M. F.



Thank to Sir mixed__up I am really into Clan Wars so much that I am hoping to create a clan of freelancers to go and battle other clans for fun! Anyone interested in joining me on Sunday (this coming Sunday) for some p2p clan wars? If we make a clan prior to going then we can just go and fight other clans. Post here if you are interested. Since I shall be using my clan chat, let me know your RSN, and preferred style of fighting. Open to all levels of combat, personally, I don't care what level you are, just come and have some fun! I need to make ranks so thhat people can challenge other people and we don't wait in idle looking forever to challenge other clans.

Example when posting:

Hisensei808 Mage

I am looking at going into battle around 7AM Hawaii time, which translates into:

9Am Western
10 Mountain
11 Central
12PM EAstern

And so on....

Server: Most llikely 18, but I am open to world hopping to another world to battle a clan.


Your best gear for battling. Clan Wars is a safe mini game and you will not lose anything! It is just for fun, honor and glory! I shall be donning my Ahrim's and going full ancients. You may also want to bring any type of potion that you feel will help you to survive. Food is also alllowed (just ignore the comments of other players during battle about eating). War is war and anything goes when you battle. We shall be on my clan chat "hisensei808." If I get people to sign up quickly, then I can add you to my friends list and rank you on Sunday. Please be on time. The sooner we gather to more we can battle. Any further questions, please post here and I shall reply as much as possible.

If anything this should be fun. I have 2 people who stated interest already and will continue to recruit more people. I suggest that you do the same, but no pressure f you can't. A bigger clan = bigger glory (becoming undefeatable in P2P!!) Cheers!